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Class Payment and Price Information

Currently we accept PayPal, Venmo, bank transfer (including online banking), and check in U.S. Dollars. We also accept PayPal in Canadian Dollars. You can also pay in Chinese Yuan using Online Banking, WeChat Pay, or Ali Pay. Please contact us for class payment and price details.              
如果您用美元支付,我们接受PayPal,Venmo, 银行转账(包括网银)以及支票。如果您用加元支付,请用PayPal。如果您用人民币支付,请用网银, 微信或支付宝。请按照下面的联系方式获取课程支付与价格详情。       
                                    WeChat ID (微信号):  DrJoeWriting  
Email (电子邮件): greatclassdrjoe@gmail.com
Thank you so much for studying with us.  We wish you happiness and progress.